Monday, April 6, 2009

Ding! 74 -- and theorycrafting pre-80

Nothing exciting to report; just backfilling another ding. LevelSnap did an excellent job capturing the event, as shown above. The troll storyline in Grizzly Hills has been enjoyable, as has the werewolf line, give or take. The Voldrassil failed world tree storyline was wasted. I'd expected more. What, three quick runs, unspired mobs (slimes?), and a quick group and, well, you're done. The elves and druids have potential -- remember when there was evidence that the Darn druids were corrupt? -- but that potential simply hasn't played out.

I was going to save this for another post, but here goes...

Theorycrafting pre-80: Don't.

Don't theorycraft. Don't look at stats. If you can't tell which is better, sell one. When you're picking quest rewards, max your spellpower, and play with whatever's left.

Every second you spend theorycrafting pre-80 is another second you wasted getting to 80. Any time you spend is for an item you'll only use a week or two, tops! Don't do it. Buy the best dagger with spellpower from the AH ("of the Elder" rocks), and replace anything when you get the chance.

Right now, most of my time is figuring out how to keep the Iceborne +26 spellpower set bonus. Trade out shoulders, need gloves, etc. Don't waste time. Get to 80.

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