Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spellpower still >> Haste

Another look at haste for caster druids | Restokin:

Graylo concluded for moonkin that gemming for haste & eating haste food wasn’t a good use of resources. I’m going to have to second this, and add that it’s probably not that great of an idea for healing druids, either. Something with spell power is going to give both moonkin & tree druids more than putting pure-haste gems in your gear. Spell power food, fish feasts, or mana/5 food is going to be better for resto druids than haste food, in general.

Man, I hate the mathes. Actually, I like math, but I hate how much time you can lose worrying about it playing WoW. It's like an extended Wonderlic test. Why not just see who can throw the football during a game? Or, in this case, who can rack some major DPS while helping you have fun in an instance or raid.

Which is not to say I don't appreciate Lissanna and Co doing the theorycrafting for us.

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