Friday, April 10, 2009

Ding! 75

Lots of Zul'Drak. The picture was taken after Starfall aggro'd a few too many mobs (six total)... when that happens, I usually bust out the trees, cast a few Moonfire DoTs, and start healing like mad while the trees down two or three. Luckily LevelSnap got the picture I wasn't anywhere close to thinking about capturing.

Now that I'm 75, I should head back to Nessingwary. I noticed that the two Nessingwary chains make up two of my very few quest achievements, not that I put much stock in those. Still, the bat and spider kill X of Y quests in Zul'Drak have been good with leather, especially others running them at the same time who don't skin, since the quests require they loot the mobs.

So nothing exciting. Quest loot is finally getting impressive. I'm well over +900 spell damage now in 'kin form, which is nice. Could probably go whack Abdul without an issue now.

PS -- Pretty phat 7.1 fps on the iBook G4 in that picture, eh? Not sure why, but I've dinged my last two dings on the old book, sitting in my chair, relaxing. In Dalaran, I've gotten it as low as 1.0 fps just walking around. Need about 6 to be playable soloing, I think. Most of my play is on the new Mac Mini, but it's nice to sit back every so often with the laptop.

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