Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3.1 talents -- a new bag

3.1's talents are much different on the balance tree than I would have expected from what casual reading I've done up until this point. A few observations...

* Seems to be some Starfire pimpige. Celestial Focus has Starfire pushback reductions, not Wrath. Improved insect swarm for some reason makes you more likely to crit Starfire on someone who already has Moonfire DoTting, making that talent affect two spells without any connection for the spell in the talent's name. Strange. I'm still lamenting the loss of 70+ of Nature's Wrath gear.

* Brambles is a sneaky boon in that it adds serious Treant damage. That is new, right?

* I'm guessing the Spirit bonus with Improved Moonkin isn't new, but it's new to me. Gotta start paying more attention to my +SPI. I don't think I had this talent earlier.

* Does anyone use Hibernate? Really?

Right now I can only figure out how to spend 63 points confidently, and if you pushed, I'd have to admit that I feel the three in brambles really isn't necessary. I could throw a few points into mana reg while casting, but pre-raiding this usually isn't a huge problem. /shrug

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