Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ding! 73

Honestly, this one came out of nowhere. I got the Cooking quest from Dalaran that needed Rhino Dogs, and what better way to grab those than to meet back up with Hemet? (Actually, meeting up with Hemet again was a real letdown. Apparently his quests require level 74, including the one that's required to access the flight path, though smacking rhinos as a boomkin at 73 is extremely easy and I can't imagine doing this at 77.) On the way to the new Expedition site (while I was eating pancakes with one hand on the arrow keys of my iBook), the zone discovery XP apparently jacked me up to 73 and caught me too slow on the draw to get a golden aura screenshot (see Delos' helpful comment that solves my slow-on-the-draw screenshot issue. Thanks!). Nothing really exciting to report this level. Lots of quick quest XP, some more Kirin Tor and walrus rep, and a few profession dailies, just for kicks.

I put the talent point into Lunar Guidance. Why not? An extra 35 spellpower or so can't hurt.

Btw, anyone else noticing that Dalaran is waaaaay too processor/memory intensive? Sheesh. I don't have enough muscle even in the nVidia Mac Mini to keep up. I think I'll pull the white box (x86 tower I put together) back out of storage and see if it can do better.

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Delos (Dave) said...

Grats! Go man go! Also, check out this addon. It takes a screenshot every time you level :)

I got it when Nomakk and I were doing Recruit-A-Friend, and I wanted to make sure to capture level 60.