Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ding! 71

Argh, it just hit me that Jal dinged while in human disguise. Poor guy.

Welp, minutes after reactivating, Jal's 71. It's been difficult since finding anyone to run BC zones, so it looks like the Wyrmhide Helm is going to have to wait.

So far, the gear update is pretty thin, unlike the Burning Crusade expansion, which is a good thing. Seems like I was throwing away my best Old World gear with each quest reward for a while. So far I've only added the Vicious Spellblade and Cragthumper (good melee DPS and great STA) from quest rewards, and the Holistic Patchwork Breeches from instance runs.

And finally, caught Omen of Clarity back. Had played around with Starfall with my last point previously, but forgot I had it (idiot) and haven't cast it yet. Omen of Clarity is, obviously, a much more useful work-a-day talent -- though more points in Eclipse or Wrath of Cenarius might have been smarter still. Current talent tree here.

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