Sunday, March 8, 2009

Next armor set for soloers?

I was looking through the Druid armor sets at WoWWiki, and it doesn't look like there's a good successor for the Wyrmhide Battlegear. I managed to bag some Holistic Pathwork Breeches (will have floaty stats back soon) during an instance run, but that meant out go the Wyrmhide leggings and the starfire set bonus.

Yes, Ingvar is dead in the screengrab, and we've got our tank just barely alive off screen to the right. ;^)

I've been LFGing for Caverns of Time to get enough rep for the Helm, but haven't gotten anyone to bite. Looks like I could eventually solo enough Durnholders to hit rep, bag the Wyrmhide Helm, and get my bonus back, but this seems like an obvious waste of time for what's not a huge step up from the Drudic Helm of Second Sight. Yet where do I put those resources? There's no clear next set to go after for soloers. The Wyrmhide was a nice set, balance specific, that soloers could grab via straightforward rep tests. I'd like to see another added for LK, even if I have to hit 80 first.

Guess I might have to go helm-only and grab something like a Windscale Hood, but I'm not sure that's better than Wyrmhide plus bonus. At least it's just cash instead of hours of repping. Guess I'll keep LFGing.

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