Friday, March 20, 2009

Laser Chicken makes my gear quest moot

Soloers rejoice; here's the list of craftable boomkin items from Laser Chicken with compares (thanks Daily Druid).

There are four easy ways to get gear when you solo like a part-timer, and Laser Chick has them all:
* Craft
* Quest
* Reputation Buys
* Auction

Three down, though the lowest level for these is 75. I'm going to post a "Thrifting with Jal" post soon to start up what I think are the best deals I've found on the AH on Proudmoore.

UPDATE: Das Chicken has added AH and a summary of the best gear for soloers.

Again, the emphasis is on level 80, so I'm left with some questions in the meanwhile, but I guess the lesson is start leveling!


Delos (Dave) said...

Damn, you reminded me that I wanted to do an AH post too! Well, here it is. Also check out the summary of ALL 4 posts (including links to comparisons for ALL gear in each category). Whew, glad that's finished!

Thanks again for commenting, and thanks for the linkage!

ruffin said...

Now if I could just get a similar list for 75, and 77, and... ;^)

This is good stuff. I'm guessing the upshot is until 80, I should concentrate on *leveling*, not leveling with the best level 73 gear out there.