Friday, March 13, 2009

Panzerkin rules

I'll admit it's been a while since I've panzered, in part because it's so danged hard to pitch yourself as a PUG as an owltank. Still, there are a few easy to rules to ensure you're ready if you accidentally get the chance to step up.

  1. No cloth armor
  2. No Nature's Reach (keep threat high)
  3. Keep a weapon that gives armor and attack bonus (list to lvl 70) in your sack

That's enough for starters. I'm tempted to rid myself of Manimal's Cinch, etc, and not backfill as I go LK and just keep good leather balance sets, but I could change my mind. Now that Blizzard's killed RPing wrt healer gear, you've got extra spots in your bags, right?

The bottom line is that, as panzer, you can keep aggro. It's then just up to your healer. Even with inferior armor, most priests can keep up with you, if my BC experience. If you've got a tree healing and another innervate to toss around between you, that can be all the better.

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