Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strange Trees in the DK quest line

I've already mentioned that I really appreciated the DK starting quest line. The amount of lore for Wrath that's in there is wonderful, and retroactively makes what Jal did in there make a lot more sense. As I've hinted in comments, I've got some "moral" issues, though that's too strong a word, with some of the forced killings -- the quest lines are really on rails, and there's no alternative to taking out screaming, pleading civilians crying for their wife and kids. I understand it fits, but it'd be better if you could RP a bit, start getting your moral compass back a little early, and find another solution than pulling out the skulls of your kills to drop into a cauldron.

I'll come back to that complaint, as it's probably worth another, longer look, but thought I'd register this one first.

RLY? That's my disguise? A cardboard tree from the scenery of a high school play? And it works? That's just horribly unimaginative. It's not funny or cute, just dumb.

Still, if, after the killings, that's my biggest complaint (next up would probably be the dumb messenger "costume" you wear), I guess we're doing pretty well. It was a good, instructive zone. Now I can't say the same for Honor Hold. I'm waxing the crud out of everything that walks.

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