Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DK-OT: Gear buying guide

Now this Death Knight Shopping List is the sort of thing I wish we had more often, or at least that I could find more often and easily. I mean, even if it's not perfect, it's going to be an improvement over just questing around, and it's going to save a lot of time over doing the mathes yourself.

So Jalyndrine, with a "y", is done with the Death Knight starting area. I'll post more Death Knight-Off Topic about it later. Overall, though, it made Wrath make a ton more sense. In a way, the DK starting area was an extended intro to Wrath lore, and should have been a required exercise for anyone playing over the age of 13. (Under 13-14 might have been surprised at some of the, um, questionable things your DK was doing.)


Anonymous said...

The list is pretty old so you might want to check this one instead.

The DK starting area is definitely great. I'm surprised you had not done it before :)

ruffin said...

I tried to go DK twice before, deleting the first and starting over the second time so that I could have a Horde toon. As I logged back on, I was surprised to find I hadn't gotten as far as level 56. Just uninspired quest design, I suppose. It's neat to see the Lich King, but less neat to run around killing villagers.

It was probably much easier this time too from the heirloom shoulders and finding the mailbox for some gear and coin. And I've finally got a reason to level other than pure curiosity.

I'll probably wax a bit about the experience in an upcoming post. I often only get to play in 15 minute increments, so leveling again means I'm playing the DK a bit more than my Druid.

Thanks for the gear list. I'll give it a look before I start back up.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

I find that killing civilians is highly compelling and I like the lore in the quest line.

I remember that DK was fairly easy because the starting zone gives you tons of gold and some really nice equipement.

But to each his own. You play a Druid and you like it a lot so you might not like the way a DK plays.

Keep us posted.

ruffin said...

Running the DK opening area is sort of like the Test of Meddle quest in the Grizzly Hills. There, you're given a Bloodied Scalping Knife and told...

Alright, friend. You've done us a favor or two, but that's not the true test of a person's courage.

Around these parts, you're not a real hunter unless you wear your prey's skin.

<Sergei unsheathes his skinning knife and hands it to you.>

The leader of those motherless orcs attacking our town is called Bonesnap; you'll find him at a camp further northwest.

That's right. You're going to skin the monster.

That's a little extreme. I found it a clever joke on typical click and accepters who run around taking on every quest without reading the lore or background.

At around 43 or 44 seconds in this video, you can see the "captured trapper" say, "Stop! Put that knife away. You don't have to do... whatever they sent you to do. You're not like them yet!" Finishing the quest, he says, "Don't do it, . The people that sent you here.... you shouldn't trust them."

So you get out of the quickly spiraling moral dilemma, and refusing the quest chain isn't the end of the world, but it was a particularly macabre, unearned moral compromise surprisingly slapped right into the middle of a quest chain.

With the DK, I could understand if you were Horde, perhaps, but the idea of having a hero brainwashed into doing some particularly macabre things -- the screams in particular range from overly humorous to haunting -- bothers me. There's no way out. Your once and future hero has to kill innocents.

I don't know, perhaps I RP too much in my head. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Well RPing in WoW can be tricky. In the starting zone of the Night Elves there is a Satyr who asks you to kill wildlife just for kicks.

As a Druid I found it disturbing so I didn't do the quest but obviously throughout the game you have no choice.

suspension of disbelief I guess.

I saw you posted some new stuff so I'm going ot check it out.