Thursday, March 10, 2011

RepDing! Exalted Wildhammer

One down, at least one more to go. Honestly, I'm going to have to find a new guild soon. What's left to do other than run back through questlines? Well, obviously, learn dungeons. I see how hardcore folk are getting bored.

I've installed Recount. I'm not doing well. I was third in a normal Cat dungeon run tonight, though I was off-healing like mad. I wonder what's up with my rotation that sux0rz. Guess I could double check the gear of the other party members to see if I'm still too noob (, but I'm still embarrassed. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, I believe. Must be under-enchanted.

Boogerford with a 337 item level (though it says "339 equipped"), but +526 AGI for an assassination rogue. Boogerford also has 109,329 honorable kills. How is that even possible? 8825 achievement score (I've got 2110).
Seakdeth -- worse ilevel (334 vs. 339, though he's got "341 equipped"), but much much better enchant -- +529 AGI vs. +169 INT for me. 4090 achievement score.

They've both done significant raiding in Wrath as well. (The Armory updates, btw, are pretty cool.)

Even then I was 2nd for the first third of the instance. Guess that's okay, though I got blown out of the water once Boogerford picked up.

Here's my played, which I'm going to suggest every blogger should post weekly, for their readers to form expectations and for bloggers to gauge their addiction.


Anonymous said...

If you are off-healing a lot it is normal for your DPS to take a dive.

And DPS isn't the be all end all. If you take time to Crowd Control and heal and overall help your raid it's much more important than an extra 2k on DPS.

ruffin said...

Ha, yeah, well, there was no way I was going to grab the top spot from Seakdeth, and he wouldn't stop saying how bad he was, and asking if he was helping or not. I've got to think he was poking fun at the Boomkin -- at least I hope he was. He had about 7800 DPS to my 5500. I've done better PvE, though, so I wonder if I was running too many CCs and off-heals.

Still, I haven't seen me go north of about 6200 yet, so I'm pretty sure either I'm still undergeared (which I am) or I've screwed up my rotation somehow (there, I'm not sure).

Anonymous said...

Hey there. It's Boogerford! I occasionally Google my toon just to see if I can find anything. And this morning I found this :p

The explanation for so many HK's and achievement points is that I have been playing since 2005. I started just after patch 1.8.

For the longest time I was not in a raiding guild so I used to run BGs instead. I had backed off a little for a while to focus on raiding, but then I realized I was getting very close to the 100K honor kills achievement (and the title that comes along with it), and I became a PvP madman again for a couple of months to get it.

It only took five years to get it :p

The achievement points is just from me hitting them hard as soon as they came out at the end of BC and not letting up.

Also, I rarely play any other characters. So instead of having those numbers spread out across multiple toons, it is all consolidated on my rogue.

Take care and best of luck :)

ruffin said...

Ha, thanks for the note. I usually enjoy the real/WoW life overlaps.

Yes, well, I've been playing since March 2005 myself and have all of 215 honorable kills myself. ;^) Nice to see the explanation. I seem to be a quester who spends too much time gearing up for raids I've never taken. I used to enjoy the Quakes at LAN parties... I wonder if I'd enjoy BGs more if I tried.

And, in any event, thanks for the DPS!