Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey, wow, I'm buying a moonkin pet FOR CHARITY!!!1!

I couldn't believe the venom directed my way when I was a (admittedly) a little snarky on WoW Insider about the moonkin vanity charity pet announcement last year. I sorta suggested to the folks saying how wonderful it was that buying the pet would give $5 to Make-A-Wish Foundation that they, um, could give twice as much if they, say, gave the charity all $10.

Blizzard wasn't being magnanimous. Add up the amount they make on the pets, subtract the amount they spent making the pets, and you still got a number that's a bit larger than zero. And if you divided the amount of cash they make each month by the amount of cash they gave to a charity with the last pet, well, it ain't a real high percentage. I, iirc, even admitted that they could be giving more elsewhere and that even the cash they pay their employees could very well be going to charities as well. Still, my guess is that Blizzard isn't tithing.

They used charity as a cover discourse for profit. Come on folks. If you want to donate, donate. And heck, if you want to waste money on vanity pets, waste your money and own it.

Nice to see that somebody else agrees.

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Anonymous said...

I agree :)

But also you must realize that a lot of people are simply not going to donate crap and so motivating them with a pet/mount helps.