Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Kick boomkins on sight"

Ouch. General Umbriss - NPC - World of Warcraft:

PRO TIP: tanks do yourselves a a favor and kick boomkins from your group on sight if they end up in your random Heroic group none of them are of any use to your group at all and they are usually bad, especially consider this if you're in Heroic Grim Batol and invite a good mage from your guild, preferably frost.

Granted, the comment is rated so low as to be purged, but why the hate? Is it because of the Typhoon? I for the first time had a tank in normal complain about that making the mobs harder to tank, but I'm not sure I know why just yet. Won't they come right back to you? Is it the lost 2 seconds of rage while DPS keeps pounding? I started only using Typhoon when mobs had a wall to their backs. Works okay.

Is it the Starfall? I'll admit that I'm so gun-shy on this now that I only use it when there's nothing near us but the group we're tanking, and I mean nothing.

But if it's not Typhoon or Starfall, I don't get it.

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