Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Note to self: Consider buying...

Titanium Spellshock Necklace - Item - World of Warcraft: "Titanium Spellshock Necklace"

Deathchill Cloak - Item - World of Warcraft: "Deathchill Cloak"

Consider questing in the meanwhile:
Bloodbane Cloak - Item - World of Warcraft: "Bloodbane Cloak"

And then to buy with emblems:

Idol of Steadfast Renewal

Have installed GearScore. Kinda fun to take a look at what everyone's wearing, but also feels a little like high school where everyone's measuring what everyone else is wearing. I wonder if I ran into a group who'd just lost their tank because he checked out GS -- apparently joined, appeared, and dropped pretty quickly right before I showed up (though that's not to say I've got gear -- about 2970 iirc). Ran Halls of Lightening with a tank with GS of about 2300. Sheesh. Did fairly well during the run, however, even if my sorry self was the second or third highest GS of the group. Very close to revered with Sons of Hodir thanks to the two dungeon quests I finished up during the crawl. Very unfulfilling end to the Loki/Thor questline, however. DPS, take him down, and get a reward made from his tongue. Fun and all, but very little drama to end a very long questline. Decent panzerkin piece, however.

And it was also rewarding to see myself come out okay on the DPS chart for the Halls, even though I was dropping Innervate, bandaging, and even drinking (tanks love to keep it going, don't they?!) a bit during the fights. Good, fun group to run with. I'm thankful they took the time to let me know what to expect during my first run. (#2's gear was well over 3k, fwiw)

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