Saturday, December 12, 2009

Level 1s don't need to attack anymore?

Yes, I've been too lazy to alt up and see if all is... revealed, but why is it that the current patch notes say...

Attack: Level 1 druids, mages, priests, and warlocks will no longer start with the Attack button placed on their action bars by default.

What's the angle there?

And yes, Jal's taken a pretty long hiatus again. Spinksville and Of Teeth and Claws are doing good enough jobs blogging, I barely miss playing, even though the latter got tired enough of WoW that he's left for quite some time. That and I've started playing D&D Online in what little free time I've got now. So far, it's an okay, if inferior, MMORPG, and that's even considering that I played paper and pencil AD&D for years.

Jal did "come back" for the free 7 days Bliz gave us for the 5 year anniversary. I might put up a picture of the new whelpling if I get time. About all I got in was a round of rep quests before my week was up. Didn't even get a chance to try out the new xserver LFG, which, if Spinks is telling representative stories, sounds like a heck of an improvement.

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