Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ethics and soloing in LK 3.3


Admittedly, there are better videos of the scene, in part because I forgot the keystrokes for taking a movie on my Mac until a ways into the "movie," but I figured I'd pass along my, um, unique directorial style anyway.

I've got to admit, Cleansing Drak'Tharon was something of a let-down. I'd grown to like Drakuru a bit over the months, and that in part was why I decided to finish the questline, even though, at 80 and several months removed from playing the start of the line, I'm a bit past and over it. To see him working for the Lich King kinda stunk. It seems there are a few quests in LK that trick you into doing tasks with dubious ethics. I'm remembering the worgen quest line where you're asked to skin someone after you off them, iirc. I liked the ambiguity there, as it was more a call for those who just hit "Accept" and keep running, killing X of Y without thinking about the text in between, to actually read the text. Still, it seems like there have been another one or two ethically questionable quests in addition to Drakuru that were less well done than the worgen.

In any event, I've been duped. And yes, I still took the reward.


My other "insight" was the way that soloing has changed in a big way with the new dungeon finder system in 3.3. There is a pretty in-depth guide for soloing Cleansing Drak'Tharon at WoWHead. I was going to give soloing a whirl, but figured I'd be efficient and hit LFG for the Keep while I was at it. Died twice learning to solo the spiders, and got an invite in the middle of the second death. Bam. I'm grouped, and a few minutes later, even with a Death Knight out of play whose wife apparently was giving him an earful about playing WoW when he should have been doing something else, we were through the entire instance, np, playing with four.

If I can group any instance (ended up being heroic) and end up with my first purple since my Lava Belt[1] more quickly than figure out how to solo, well, it looks like I might end up doing lots more PUGging than doing it alone in the future.

That's a shame. I've often thought that this blog should be called The Confessions of a Part-time Soloer, and it's a part of the game I get the feeling I'll largely miss. Though the loot makes it a lot easier.

[1] The purple was [Keystone Great Ring]. I'm usually good enough on loot that I pass on things I can't use, and greed on things that I'd put into the rotation immediately for DPS, but here I considered needing this ring for all of a millisecond. It would be (and will be) a great panzerkin soloing addition with all the armor and STA. I greeded and got lucky. And nobody asked me to trade afterwards (seems there was an another purple (in retrospect, I believe it was [Leggings of the Winged Serpent], in which case that seems to obviously be for the boomkin) that I could have needed for spell power, iirc), so I'm guessing I'm in the clear. Woohoo!

I have been panzer-soloing a good deal with what quests I do. Whacking melee makes for a more sustainable quest run than oomkin-ing all over the place.

EDIT: Didn't realize the Armory keeps track of your need and greeds! I'm 17 greeds to 2 needs right now. Not too bad. Wonder when it started keeping track.

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