Thursday, February 26, 2009

Panzerkins NERFED! It was nice while it lasted

It was nice while it lasted. No, this isn't the standard, "I just got married/a job/a new baby and can't play WoW anymore. Sorry things got so slow, but I have to move on."

No, this is WORSE. The panzerkin experience, as of 3.0.2, seems to be over. Imagine my surprise reading the patch notes when I see this...

Moonkin Form (Balance) no longer increases your attack power or causes you to regenerate mana off melee attacks, but now has a chance to cause you to instantly regenerate 2% of your total mana every time you critically hit with a spell.

No more attack power or mana regen? Wtf? FTW!!!! TWF!!!!!!. (That's right. I said it. THE WHAT FREAK!!!!)

Panzerkin, I hardly knew ye. Sheesh. Wonder what caused them to smash that old playstyle. Seriously, why not just keep both? What would it hurt to have panzer and oomkin out there? If anything, wading in with a staff to regen mana was a boost to role-playing. It made moonkin more memorable, and also gave me an excuse to prove I was worth something during melee time. How the freak am I supposed to mana up if I'M OUT OF MANA AND MY ONLY MANA REGEN IS BY CRITING WITH A FREAKIN SPELL?!!

This sucks. Please kill my desire to solo MORE. SUX0RZ!!!1!

I'm upset. This is what I get for thinking I should come back for a while. Which I will. Soon, now that I'm over the superfun "World of Warcraft could not be found. Please make sure the game is properly installed" jive. My free ten days should start up tonight, followed by a period of work, followed by my 60 day game card. I need a vacation, and don't have a solid week to travel, and that means Northrend, here I [finally] come.

(Note the extreme disconnect between, "They've ruined the game!" and "I'm going to start playing again tonight." I don't get it either. Maybe I'll play a lot of death knight stuff. Take THAT, Blizzard.)


Icedragon said...

The point of regen via casting is to give you a little more longevity, not save you when you hit empty during a fight. That's where innervate/pots enter the field.

And they're nerfing Owlkin Frenzy to not trigger off spells in 3.1, as well.

ruffin said...

Precisely why I thought this would kill the way the Moonkin encouraged RP via skills. Before, you'd blast away, down pots, innervate the heals, finally cry /oom, and wade in to off-tank. That was fun. Even then, you just got enough mana to keep the moonfires fresh and pointblank a wrath or two.

Longevity just means more of the same style of gameplay, which doesn't excite me much.

ruffin said...

Just caught up with what you meant about Owlkin Frenzy. Good catch, and too bad they're un-nerfing. It would have at least put the panzerkin back into some balance builds.