Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Worst. Night. Of WoW. Ever.

Here's my post to the Customer Service Forum at the WoW site:

I just ran the Shadow Labs with a group that brought down Murmur. We also killed the First Fragment Guardian. I had (and have) the quest Entry Into Karazhan, but was not able to loot the Guardian and receive the first fragment.

I opened a ticket and was told I was having a UI issue, though I don't run any mods on my iBook (which is what I used tonight). I'm suspicious that it has something to do with the way I died while fighting Murmur.

Here's the chain of events:
1.) Murmur kills me.
2.) I release my spirit and start to corpse run back into the instance.
3.) Group kills Murmur.
4.) First Fragment Guardian spawns.
5.) I'm rezzed before I hit the instance.
6.) I help bring down the Guardian.
7.) Everyone loots the Guardian and gets the first fragment but me.

Note: I could loot Murmur, so I found it strange that I couldn't loot the Guardian.
Note: Two party members dropped within split nanoseconds of looting the Guardian and hearing that I couldn't. Though this happens occasionally, it's odd. What did they know that I didn't? Was there an action they might have taken that put me between the proverbial rock and a hard place? I suspicious that I've been [a near homonym for] shrewd.

So this is essentially EDIT: four two and three-quarters hours down the drain (still a ton, afaict; we wiped a bit. Hey, I was dishing out well over 500 DPS; I did what I could). I'm a casual player, so that's a pretty big night shot to heck -- aka, I'm very [b]very[/b] disappointed that the game didn't let me loot the corpse. That's awfully unexpected behaviour.

I've got two questions for The Blues...

A.) What happened? Why couldn't I get the fragment?
B.) Please heavens, is there any way I can get a Virtual Property escalation on this? Something untowards happened, that's for sure.

If there's no way on earth B can happen -- as in no way on earth, virtual earth, or any other realm of real or imagined sorts -- please goodness groveling please answer A so that it won't happen again.

Thanks for the help. I'm trying not to be awfully frustrated.

The worst part is that whatever happened wasn't [solely] because of getting into a PUG with less than pristine (and I'll chalk it up to it being early in the morning) attitudes or getting ninja'd, etc. This is a bug. It's a problem with the way Blizzard's written the game. I lost XP from Murmur. Fine. I was dead. Whatever. But this key fragment was the goal of the instance, I earned it, and couldn't get it because of the code. This one falls on Blizzard, I'm afraid.


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Mera said...

It may have been a PUG, but 4 hours on SL - how?