Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jal's Current Gear

I've started up my fairly methodical blog post comparing "of Nature's Wrath" gear to Nodrassil Regalia with respect to their ability to dish out burst damage. One thing I've learned that, of the flavors of armor that I have currently (Expedition, Clefthoof, Murkblood), the Expedition set pieces have the best "of Nature's Wrath" bonuses. Too bad I can't go in and buy the whole set.

In any event, though I'll be comparing Expedition pieces in the mathes-off, I did first compile what Jal is wearing now, with its bonuses, etc. Here's what he's got.

HeadClefthoof Cover of Nature's Wrath20371 nat
NeckBrooch of Heightened Potential22149
ShoulderClefthoof Shoulderguards of Nature's Wrath18854 nat
BackOgre Slayer's Cover (+18 Int, +11 Spr)682016
ChestWindroc Shroud (squishie cloth)1302621
ArmMurkblood Bracers of Nature's Wrath11542 nat
HandsExpedition Gloves of Nature's Wrath16958 nat
WaistMurkblood Belt of Nature's Wrath14857 nat
LegsMurkblood Pants of Nature's Wrath23175 nat
FeetDreghood Boots of Nature's Wrath14744 nat
Ring 1Sedai's Ring (+12 int)155
Ring 2Wildlord's Band2511
Trinket 1Glowing Crystal Insignia26/104
Trinket 2Vengeance of the Illidari0/12026
WeaponTalbuk Sticker (+15 sta, +11 int)5810
Off-handSlavehandler Rod of Nature's Wrath34 nat
IdolIdol of Ferocity (worthless for balance)
Nordrassil Comparision Totals:921284 nat
Grand Totals:1399 (without kits)192
627 nat
747 temp

Naturally there's not much past pure Nature damage. I can see why this would make Mera cry, but I can also see why, with roots or a good tank, this is some great stuff. It's a free crit every time I throw Wrath, and Wrath is powerful enough now that I lead with it instead of Starfire. Interesting to think there's still some room in the Nature's Wrath for improvement, as I could upgrade it all to Expedition, if those ever hit the AH.

Only real downside? Well, I do run out of mana occasionally, the armor isn't great (better than a Clothkin's, but not great), and it's not very flexible. If I need to emergency heal, I swap in my healing staff, but it's still pretty shoddy if I don't have time to change clothes. If I bump into the ever more common nature resistant mob, the DPS goes waaaaay down as I Starfire and Moonfire them to death (though I did just pick up an "of Arcane Wrath" cape questing last night *sigh*).

We'll see how the numbers cut out later, but thought this might be interesting, and following Jal's gear is something I'd been meaning to do more often.

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Mera said...


Let me explain why I prefer +dmg.
Starfire IS more mana efficient that Wrath.
You can heal with it as well.

And where in god's name is that intellect.
The stuff that lets you cast for longer.
The stuff that increases your damage done.
The stuff that makes you crit more.
The stuff that gives you mp/5.
PLEASE! Its another thing lost from stack +nature dmg :(