Friday, February 11, 2011

WoW Rookie: How to get up to speed for heroics

Wish they could name it something other than WoW Rookie, but that's the sort of guide I'd hoped to find for gearing. Not quite as detailed as I'd like, but a good start. Example...


As we talked about a few weeks ago, Cataclysm reputations can provide significantly useful gear. There are 20 epic items available for purchase with reputations, all at item level 359. There are dozens of item level 346 items available.

This also gives decent starts to wowhead searches for, say, craftables. Here's the list narrowed to items that are Druid useable. Next, picking out what's good for Balance. Nothing gives spellpower, so it'll take a little bit of thinking.

I'd really have preferred to see a list of items by dungeon, but obviously it'd be a lot of work listing everything for each class and talent spec. I'll dig around some more and get balance specific.


Anonymous said...

You may want to check this article which recommends pre-raid gear for Balance Druid

ruffin said...

That's a good list. I'll need to go through and cull out the heroic instance runs. Some of those in the list really are low-hanging fruits, though.

I'll post what seems to be the easiest to grab soon-ish. Thanks for the list.