Friday, February 18, 2011

Finkle's skinner in the bag

If you were wondering about soloing Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) at 85, it's straightforward and easy. You can honestly DPS (lots of Starfall and Hurricane) your way through the whole thing like a demigod, no problem. Lots of runecloth and rugged leather if you've got too much time on your hands.

The only pain is the amount of time it takes to beat the Rend Blackhand waves in the Coliseum or whatever. Hint: Don't walk through the big gate. It makes it easier to kill all the mobs quickly (they spawn immediately), but if you watch some of the dopes walk into the coliseum proper, the gate eventually closes back on you. Rend declares victory, and you have to hearth out.

I remember trying to sneak in via the balcony with a guildie back when we weren't quite level appropriate and waxing a few orcs before deciding to sneak on back out.

If you're not familiar with BRS, there's a good YouTube video that WoWwiki links.

In any event, after two tries on The Beast, that's a good +10 skinning now. The bad is that it's another spot in the bag even though it's a skinning knife; I still need the Gnomish Army Knife for its flint & tender. The good is that it'll live in the leatherworking bag... as will the army knife, it turns out. If that's not a change, I've been a dope for years.

And, of course, going to UBRS has some fringe benefits.

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