Saturday, May 10, 2008

Learning gems

I've got two pieces of gear in my standard sets now (panzer, boomkin, and healing sets have been standard, though I'm inching towards a healing/boom hybrid set recently) that have sockets, and I figured with the new daily quest money I oughta fill them in. Originally, having gone Scryer, I figured I'd just vendor some 2g gems from the "Fence" outside of the Shatt inn, but after doing a little research at WoW Gem Finder, thott, and wowhead, I hit the Auction House first.

In brief, the move panned out. I've now got every blue or red socket filled with this thing (aka "Royal Shadow Draenite"), which on Proudmoore was going for less than 2g per gem. Heck, +7 Healing +3 Spell Damage and +1 Mana per 5 Seconds for 1.2g? Not bad, and I finally get the socket bonuses on my items.

So if you've been thinking about socketing gear but either thought you'd replace the piece(s) in short order or were too cheap to shell out for lowbie gems in an attempt to save up for blues & purples (or if you're worried about both), stop. Go to your AH with a few gold and socket up.

In other news, my last week has been mostly spent farming. I don't know how you farmers do it. I'll post more about it later, but I'm generally trying to make my way to creating the BoP Windhawk armor set, which apparently is as good a set for moonkin as you can get without raiding or instance running. Being able to make it requires me to respec my specialization to Tribal Leatherworking (100g) and gathering a ton of of mats. I also turned out to have only gotten to LW 360 before my "hiatus", so I've been trying to level up LW last night and today, which hasn't been fun.

So yes, I've decided to go boomkin with my BoP items instead of Panzer for the time being. Huge cred loss if you call your site "," yo, but I've already got pretty good armor/stam gear for bear and Panzer and figured I'd go DPS for instances, which is where my guild is lacking.


Terroxian said...

I'm a very part time gamer myself and I most often get 30 minutes at night right before bed with a once a week 2 hour sitdown.

That said, I also recently dropped my herbalism because I found out about the windhawk set and just last Fri was able to finally equip all 3 pieces (3 weeks of farming and about 2500G I had saved up). It felt great after all the hard work...and it certainly is hard work. And since I'll never be seeing the inside of kara and don't like PVP, this represents the best gear I can get. I just wish it was a 5 piece set or 7 piece set instead of only 3 because other than the 3 windhawks and the seer's signet, I'm in blues and greens.

I must admit though, if you can get lvl 70 blues/greens that say '...of the invoker' you are hitting pretty close to the best +dmg you can find as a part-time gamer. Even after I equipped the windhawks and splurged on ~40G/each gems (just below epic), my dmg output only increased by +70 total. Was it worth it? Sure...cuz I'm not able to get any better.

Happy Farming!

ruffin said...

Thanks for the comment, terroxian. I can't determine if the farming's worth it yet, though I've certainly found a steady income stream from Clefthoof hide if I ever need it. It is nice that Blizzard provides an outlet for casual gamers to get good, five-man instance gear on their own time, yet, as you say, it's only three pieces.

Personally, with a good tank, I'm still awfully partial to my "of Nature's Wrath" gear. I hope to get the mathes together for three pieces of Wrath gear against Windhawk and see what the advantages are of each.

Glad to hear Windhawk's at least doable! I'm at LW 270 and climbing.

Terroxian said...

I didn't think about the 'of nature's wrath' gear. Without looking it up, I'm betting your +dmg output is greater with that gear for nature spells only. However, I tend to always use a mixture of SF and wrath so I wouldn't get the big 'boom' of the boomkin w/o something that beefs up my arcane magics. Let me know once you get the 'math' worked out...u have me curious now. 0.o

The biggest difference I noticed with the windhawk gear is the big jump in MP5 it gives (b/c I previously had almost nil spirit...invoker only gives int, crit, and dmg). My MP5 jumped up almost 70 and my health jumped up another 500 and of course the armor rating is a bit better too.

Previously, u and I couldn't even make this set b/c we wouldn't be getting any Primal Nethers w/o Heroics/Raiding. I'm glad they changed that.

I don't know about you, but I actually LIKE feeling OP at the end of a game (its your paycheck at the end for all your hard work) that finally makes killing all the bad guys alot easier (save for final boss fights etc). It only seems natural for us to be able to be fully equipped in pre-Kara epics but that is just not possible for a part-timer.

PS. I find the drums of battle are best for those last 5 lvls if you have the rep for Sha'tar. Cheers!