Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Enough with the crosspromotion, Blizzard

(Stealing a comment I made to WoW Insider...)

I'm a little tired of the shameless crosspromotion of Starcraft II on World of Warcraft now; it smacks of ESPN and their month-long pimp of the boring as get-out NFL draft. First we had it cropping up in our login screen, which wasn't so bad. Now when you go to worldofwarcraft.com, you get a full-page advert of SC2 with timeline like they think they're Apple or something. Fun times.


I didn't really mind when WoW Insider announced it'd be Starcraft Insider for a day, but with all the crosspromotion now I feel like the Larry Spannel character in the movie adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross (that date me sufficiently?).

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