Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ding! 63

Last Saturday, I finally made it on the 63. Exciting times, I know. I wasn't paying attention as the Fen Strider patrolled behind me, and, well, welcome to the next level.

I recently bagged [Ursol's Claw] during a PUG in Hellfire Ramparts, and it's changed my solo style a bit. Here's a quick list of my solo, one-on-one, PvE modus operandi through the levels, give or take.

Before 40
Starfire to pull
Moonfire for DoT
Faerie fire
(re-up moonfire every ten seconds)

Moonkin #1 (Discovered roots in a big way...)
Starfire to pull
Moonfire for DoT
Entangling roots
(reupping roots and moonfire as necessary)

I'd begun to feel as Amanna says, "Not sure how many of you still actually fight with your weapons, but if that’s your gig, then here ya go."

Ursol's Claw (still in moonkin form)
Starfire to pull
Wraths until mob is on me (Nature's Grace pays off here)
Moonfire (followed by Wrath on criticals)
Insect Swam
Faerie Fire
Wail with Ursol's Claw
(re-up moonfire every ten seconds)

With Ursol's Claw's bonus, I'm up to about 270 per hit, which makes it worth using weapons again, even when balance/DPS geared.

Enough. This was mainly a Ding! post, but seems to have gotten a bit carried away.


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