Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Graylo wonders if the Panzer is back...

Gray Matter: MoP Talent Calc: Second Impressions:
The Moonkin Tank?

In no way do I think anything in the current MoP Talent calculator suggests that we will see a return of the TBC Panzerkin, but look at all the defensive cooldowns its possible for a druid to have in this calculator?  [read Graylo for more, natch] 

Okay, really he explicitly says the Panzerkin isn't back (which stinks, b/c it was far and away my most enjoyable time grouping in WoW), but there are some interesting damage avoidance/mitigation in his list.  And any time I see someone write Panzerkin, I'm duty-bound to bring it to you.

Yes, the RaF deal is working on me, cheating or no.  Wonder if I'd enjoy having a level 80 Horde druid, or if I should use my cheat for a different class I know absolutely nothing about.

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