Saturday, November 21, 2009

Note to self: Ark Inventory

Add On – Ark Inventory | The WoW Economist:

Ark Inventory is probably one of my favorite mods and becomes even more valuable over time as bag slots continue to grow and we’re allowed to carry, store or bank more items.

I usually don't use mods, as I'm casual enough a player that I hate to be bothered with each major client update to run back through them all. I have a macro for coords and have at it. This one looks good enough to try out, though. My bags, other than my solo bag (mats, alt equip) and instance bag (pots, drinks, bandages, food w/ bonuses) which get swapped when I'm swapping to a PUG from soloing or vice versa, are usually a complete mess, and having a rule-based bag set up sounds great.

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