Monday, May 4, 2009

Ding! 78

It continues. Finally able to use my Totemic Purification Rod, my Kalu'ak rep reward. Got the achievement for exploring all of the Sholazar Basin. The Freya questline was surprisingly fun overall, though at times too experimental (see Jal-as-parot picture to the right). Oracles/Furyheart questline was better. I waded in on one side or the other heading to Nessingwary's originally when I saw the scores o' NPCs mobbing it out on the road. Wish I could recall, now that I'm firmly on the Oracles' side, rep grinding to grab the eggs -- which is idiotic, as I'm just 5kg (no pun intended for mass nor Celtics fans) away from my "free" epic flight form and don't need the green drake mount the Oracles' egg would give me. (Btw, MAN it's good to be flying again.) Ah yes, finishing the previous sentence. I wish I could recall which side I fought for when I initially saw the Oracle/Furyheart battle going on, before I started the questline. I think I was helping the Furyheart -- those Oracles are Murlocs, after all. Ewwww. Murlocs.

Nice to take a quick trip back to Un'Goro as part of the Freya line (and great fps too!), and decided I should smack down the Devilsaur while I was there. Pain in my butt. Felt childishly good to smack him down.

Did hit the Agent Tournament grounds. Might be a fun minigame, but so far not horribly impressive as I'm off to try its dailies.

For those kind enough to keep reading, I'll try to make things more interesting in a couple of weeks once I'm 80. I'm sold on not wasting any time until then instancing, etc. Still haven't even spec'd my second talent build. You can do nothing but waste time until you're 80. The gear's all going to be pretty much obsolete when you get there. Looking forward to digging up a raiding guild then, if I can't convince mine to do it. And that's looking doubtful, as our guild leader recently got [cue music] married.

Yes, in RL. Not to get someone the Kissing Bride achievement. ;^)

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