Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zul'Aman, soulbound Leatherworking, and additions to the Moonkin blogroll

Okay, Zul'Aman stunk. I couldn't go anywhere. I like to scout out instances solo before running them, judging about how difficult the first pat or two is and going cat to get the layout down before playing. No luck here. It's a raid instance, so I got a guildie to group me so I could drop by, but then there's this danged door that won't open unless you have 5 party members banging on some gong. Thanks, Blizzard. Perhaps I could do the "die and get by" trick that allows you to enter a few other keyed instances, but I didn't see a good ledge nearby nor any mobs to aggravate. Lots of wasted time. Ran to the Shattered Sun to do a few dailies.

Welp, I finally remembered my goal before I took my seven month break: Make the specialist leatherworking soulbound set. Unfortunately, elemental leatherworking's soulbound set is essentially for feral druids (and rogues, etc). I'm not into respecializing, as that runs me 100 gold. Here's the down-low from WoWWiki:

First you must unlearn your current specialization. To do that, go back to the original quest giver for your Leatherworking specialization and pay 100g  to remove your specialization (this cost varies depending on your level, 25g  at 49 for instance. See herefor more.) You will lose only patterns that require that specialization. Note: you will not lose any patterns available prior to The Burning Crusade since their specialization requirements were removed when the expansion was released.

You can then learn a new specialization by going to Narain Soothfancy and reading a book. He is located north of Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris. The book on his table will teach you either the Dragonscale, Elemental or Tribal leatherworking specialization skill.

Seriously? Now anyone can dream up a Helm of Fire that I spent what seems like years repping to get? I know they don't sell for crud any more (though I did bring in a few hundred gold before the market crashed out), but this is horrible. And now I just read a book to respecialize? Tempting, but I'm only at about 220g right now. Part-timers don't carry much cash.

And then there's the question of if a panzerkin should be purely into balance gear, which seems almost clothkin-esque. How does the feral gear spec out if I supplement with +nature dmg or more traditional balance fare? Looks like Primalstrike might be something to get simply to help when you're wailing with your staff. "Equip: Improves hit rating by 12 (0.76% @ L70). Equip: Increases attack power by 108." Not too shabby.

Here's a post to thottbot that talks about feral/rogue gem choice for the Primalstrike vest.
Re: Primalstrike Vest
Score 0.75     Vote: [-] [+] by Ethral <The Gladiators>, 6.1 months ago
Yes, if you decide to keep your primalstrike (it won't hurt you at all) you will use it until Tier 4, and unless your guild is already working on Magtheridon, you're probably 2+ months away from getting it.

You should be slapped for not having hit rating in that chestpiece as a Rogue.

For a yellow socket you want:

+8 Hit Rating


+4 Hit Rating +4 Agility

Blue: (depending on what you need more)

+4 Agility +6 Stamina
+4 Critical Strike Rating + 6 Stamina

While I'm at it, here are a few new moonkin druid blogs I've dug up and need to read a bit to get back in the swing of things. I've already started into a few, but haven't gotten too far.

http://ferociousbite.blogspot.com/ (enjoyable read!)
http://moon-queen.blogspot.com/ (post on joining a raiding guild)
http://waradwen.blogspot.com/ (looks like a pretty serious raider)
http://neighborhoodmoonkin.blogspot.com/ (starting the moonkin gem research)
http://laserchicken.blogspot.com/ (he'll be back)


Ferocious Bite said...

Thanks for the link! But, ummm...I'm not Moonkin. O.O Although, I have been considering respeccing as, since we've embarked into 25 man raids, I rarely ever tank anymore. I've been slowly collecting some Moonkin gear and plan on giving it a try once I get a decent set together. :D

BTW, it's good to have you back in the blogosphere! :)

ruffin said...

Sorry about that... I'd cut & pasted these as blogs that had, on my quick search, balance-specific content, then assumed they were all 'kin. Looking again, I think what I saw was your list of balance blogs, which is very helpful. Whoops. Didn't mean to call a good cat-bear a kin!

In any event, I should steal those links and put them above too... and will put them in the sidebar after vetting them a little more thoroughly. Thanks for droppin' by, and I'm looking forward to reading more. Enjoyed the Baklor tribute. Hopefully your next GM will be just as great -- not that you're biased. ;^)

Ferocious Bite said...

hehehe, I don't mind been thinking about playing around with Boomkin anyway...especially now that gold is so easy to get and that makes the respec cost not so bad.

I need to update my links as well. Resto4life usually keeps her pretty up to date and she has a pretty extensive list. Also, go check out the Blog Azeroth forums, if you haven't already.

Thanks on my Baklor tribute. He's a great guy. :D Hopefully, I won't be too biased on my husband being GM now. If anything, I might more picky. ;p