Monday, June 4, 2007

The 1%ers

I'm currently working on an introduction to threat, but in the meanwhile, I found this WoWInsider post covering "1up's Black Temple tour" interesting for this quote regarding the very cool Black Temple flyby movie available at the above link...

It's weird that they make content like this for, like, such a small group of people... [from someone identified as Sean Molloy, managing editor gfw]

That's a horribly interesting observation that's been nagging me for a while. I mean, seriously, how many people raid? Even the WoWInsider staff routinely talk about not getting to much end game content. Why is there so much really neat content made for the top 1% of WoWers? And why does Blizzard toss this great content into the trash so easily?

What do I mean by trash tossing? Well, try and find a guild that'll take you on a raid in the Old World endgame content, like the Molten Core, especially since these instances are so much easier now that everyone's above level 60! Oh yeah, I'm attuned to the Core, but I don't see any chances to run it. Some folk obviously are still slumming, if only to farm it (lava cores keep popping up on the Auction House, for example), but by and large the raid guilds are taking that organizational overhead and putting it elsewhere -- getting to the Black Temple.

Really, the flyby in the movie is pretty neat.

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